Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few updates

I had my 30 week appointment on Wednesday, and everything is going well. I have gained 10 lbs, my blood pressure is good (110/70), and I am measuring 27cm. This last one had me slightly concerned, since I measured the same at my last appointment (26 weeks) and it's supposed to grow coinciding closely with the number of weeks along in the pregnancy I am, but my midwife said that it was due to baby's position. He was lying slightly sideways/diagonal instead of being vertical, so that affects the shape of my uterus. Good news though is that he still has plenty of room to move around and time to flip into a head-first position for the birth, I just need to pay attention to MY positioning and be diligent about doing my exercises. She said that she can tell just by feel that he has grown a lot in the last four weeks and seems to be much bigger. I knew he had a growth spurt from all of the stretching I've been feeling in the last week.

Today Colby went to the doctor and got a referral for a sleep study. The doctor said he seems to have moderate to severe sleep apnea. We have suspected this because he stops breathing in his sleep, then starts gasping for air. He also snores a lot and it has been increasing in volume and frequency lately. He tends to fall asleep within a couple of minutes, and I take a lot longer, so this has made it pretty difficult for me to get to sleep. He also sometimes wakes Ryan up and that's not fun for any of us. We don't know when his sleep study will be yet, but hopefully pretty soon and he can get a CPAP or whatever it is he needs. We also are pretty sure that losing weight will help him a lot, so he's been working out and eating less. With his metabolism, it won't take long to see some results.

 This evening we went and picked up the newest addition to our family: a kitten! It's a male tabby the owner had named "Smokey." That won't be his permanent name, but we haven't picked one out yet. Suggestions are welcome! He is 7 weeks old and SO cute! Ryan loves him and he seems to like Ryan, too. Roamy isn't too thrilled but I think she'll be fine within a few days.


  1. He looks exactly like my kitten Smokey that I had when I was Ryans age!! Adorable picture!

  2. I remember in my last trimester, my growth slowed way down. I think I was 29 cm all the way to the end.

    You look beautiful!